“Nam Prik Kaeng Khun Nan”

factory is proudly to present our products with high quality, clean, safe and warm-hearted service. Regardless of how big or small your order is, our sales department will always provide you the best service.

Nowadays, the customers of Nam Prik Kaeng Khun Nan are all over in fresh markets in Bangkok, in food industries and in import and export industries. For our services, our sales department has gained the expertise in understanding the products and food businesses. Our products are delivered in all areas in Bangkok and nearby places including shipment abroad by the professional teams.

If you are looking for all kinds of curry pastes and seasonings; Roasted Thai Chili Powder, Fried Garlic, Spices, Pad Thai Seasoning, Tom yam Paste, Chicken Dipping Sauce and etc. You can find our products in stores nearby your residence, just find the label “Nam Prik Kaeng Khun Nan” or you can contact our sales department at 02-813-8527-8, and we will send the professional team to you. You can trust us that we will bring you to meet our best products with the best quality

Sincerely Yours,
Khun Sunan Yongyuth